Late Harikatha Vidwan T.V.Gopinatha Das founded Prabhath Academy in 1930. He was a maestro of the Indian Classical Instrument Veena which gave him a strong foundation for Indian Classical music and dance. His background in "Harikatha" (the art of story telling) gave him the ability to invent a unique form of stage presentation called the Dance Drama. He was a pioneer in the use of technology to enhance the audio-visual impact of theatrical productions. Some of the greatest Indian dance drama's composed by Gopinathadas are Mohini Bhasmasura, Dharma Bhoomi (story of Alexander, The Great and Porus), Kindara Jogi (An adaptation of the Pied Piper of Hamlin), Punyakoti, Cinderella (an adaptation from the original to the Indian theatrical format), etc.

He has collaborated with renowned artists such as the veena exponent Dr. Balachander, Dr. Chittibabu, Dr. M Balamurali Krishna, and Padmashri K.J Yesudas. He composed and recorded the popular album "Narasimha Suprabhatha," to which Dr Balamurali Krishna himself performed on the vocals. His pioneering contribution and impact on the Indian cultural panaroma will live for ever.

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