2009 Events

Bharatha Natyam Performance
Nirmala Madhava, Saarini Madhava
December 21st, 2009
@ Abhinava dance company, Bangalore, India

Evolution of dance from vedic tradition to current global issues
October 24th, 2009
@ Spangenberg Theater, Pali Alto, CA

Multicultural Program
2009 Santa Clara City Library
June 22, 2009
@ Santa Clara Library, CA

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival
Performance by Nirmala Madhava and Students
June 14th, 2009
@ Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco

Waves of dance connecting the creation to its creator
May 2nd, 2009
@ Sunnyside Auditorium, Fresno, CA

Bay Area National Dance Week
Dance Workshop by Nirmala Madhava
April 25th, 2009
@ PAMPA Dance Studio, Sunnyvale, CA

San Jose Children's Faire 2009
Dance Performance by PAMPA students
April 25th, 2009
@ San Jose, CA

Spirit House Dances
DeAnza College Creative Arts Division Celebrations
March 20th & 21st, 2009
@ DeAnza College Visual & Performing Arts Center

Bharatha Natyam Rangapravesha by
Reema & Meera Vyas disciples of
Nirmala Madhava
February 22nd, 2009
@ Cubberley Theater, Palo Alto, CA
Santa Clara, CA

Music performance by PAMPA students
February 22nd, 2009
@ San Jose, CA

Dance performance by PAMPA students
February 22nd, 2009
@ San Jose, CA

Nrithya Milana
Kannada Koota
February 7th, 2009
@ Sunnyvale, CA

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