PAMPA Dance Academy has been exemplary in blending both traditional and modern stage design techniques to enthrall its audiences, without diluting the purity of the art form. At PAMPA, we believe that while the dance itself is the most important component of a performance, the art of stage design and innovative lighting also form an integral part of the appreciation of dance. In order to enhance the overall classical dance experience in the Bay Area, PAMPA was founded in California by Purna Prasad in 1992. Nirmala Madhava is the chief choreographer and instructor of PAMPA Dance Academy. She teaches both Bharata Natyam and Kathak dance forms and is recognized internationally as a Master solo performer.

PAMPA Dance Academy strives to:

  1. Promote and spread the art of Indian classical dance.
  2. Deliver key messages to the common audience in a unique way.
  3. Help the community by partnering with other non-profit organizations.
  4. PAMPA has been doing annual productions in US since its inception in 1992. Each year the performances have been appreciated greatly and PAMPA continues to be a part of many festivals, celebrations and conferences in North America. Below are few of the events where PAMPA has excelled.

North America Ford Executive Conference:
In 2004, Ford organized a conference for its North American executive leadership team at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. PAMPA was invited to perform at the conference. The performance had the audience spellbound due to the innovative way of presenting current social issues.

RSA Conference in 2006:
The RSA Conference is America's biggest security conference, with more than 4000 people attending every year. In 2006, the event was held in San Jose and PAMPA was chosen to present the opening act as well as perform at the gala. The audience was impressed to see PAMPA perform a story about internet security evolution through Indian classical art forms.

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival:
The Ethnic Dance Festival, organized by the World Arts West organization, fosters appreciation for diverse ethnic cultures in Northern California through an annual performance of various dance styles. Performers are selected from a series of auditions, by a panel of experts from around the country along with World Arts West staff. PAMPA performed at the festival in 1995, 2004, and 2009. Nirmala Madhava was invited to be on the panel of judges for the festival in 2005.

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